A note from Duff:

April 1, 2019

I have now had 1 week to process all that has occurred…

Thank you to all the family and friends. These words are now synonymous and all encompassing of everyone involved in the MISSION. The concern with attempting to recognize everyone is that there is always the risk of not mentioning someone by name. There have been so many people who have wholeheartedly given of themselves that MISSION: POSSIBLE has undeniably become a team effort. Please understand that any unintended oversights were exactly that…unintended. Forgive me for what was inarguably an insufficient amount of time spent with you all the day of the event. I assure you I will plan better, augment with increased proficiency and delegate more appropriately in the future in order to spend more quality time with you all.

There were so many supporters. Everyone readily came to assist. The ease with which the bands, sponsors, volunteers and MP participants jumped onboard was remarkable.

Thank you to Michael Anthony Thompson and Faith Adam. You two have made this event an enjoyable endeavor indeed. This event would not be what is now and what it will become without you.

CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY GREATER PHILADELPHIA, it has been an honor and a privilege to partner with you once again. You fine folks make a difference. You change lives. You are there for others unconditionally. Your mission to ensure that “no one should have to face cancer alone” is extraordinary. For that we are grateful.

Trisha Duff, I love and appreciate you on so many levels. Thank you for the unlimited support as we pulled this worthwhile event together the past two years.

Courtney Tracewski and LauraLea Taraskus, you two emboldened me to bring MISSION: POSSIBLE to fruition. Early on I came to you with a concept. Without haste you both pledged your absolute backing and full participation. So many promptly assured their involvement, but you two inspired me. You helped me to realize that “we have something here.”

Erin Dodds, from Victory Beer Hall, you gave us a great space to hold our growing event, provided us the latitude to be creative and gave us decisive support when needed.

Justin Staszewski, my shipmate… Dude, you work harder than most anyone I know. Your efforts were once again notable. You are exceptional in your craft.

Denise Kovalevich and dmk Publicity, you have provided expert support for MISSION: POSSIBLE since our inception. Your efforts have undoubtedly helped to garner the recognition we need to raise money, raise awareness and raise hope.

Justin Duff and Jerry Malone enriched MP2 with their organization and oversight of the Firefighter Obstacle course for the kids. This experience was a huge hit and we will undoubtedly see them again at future MP events. We want to acknowledge Engine 49/Medic 11 for the outstanding support they provided by bringing out their truck, which was a huge hit for all the kids.

Kelly Markowitz, Jason Diliberto and Rae Falconiero McKeever, thank you so much for capturing our event two years in a row. It is an absolute pleasure to see the event through your talented eyes. The commitment and enthusiasm for the project has been significant. Those in attendance and, perhaps even more so, those who could not be present appreciate your ability to expertly capture the event. We were lucky to have Action News, Out On the Town Entertainment and Hugh E. Dillon, the omnipresent Philly photographer, come out to MP2. Thank you all for the publicity.

To identify the SCHOOL OF ROCK NEWTOWN as the future of local music is an incomplete notion. They are amazing NOW. Additionally, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them under the guidance of their amazing teachers and supportive families. We were proud to have them join the MISSION. These young, talented musicians were precisely what we needed to kick off the day. Having Brian Quinn from Candlebox join them on stage for “Far Behind” was a treat for us all.

I could listen to our ALL STAR ACOUSTIC JAM all-day and everyday. Seeing and hearing my 6 friends on stage together was an incredible delight. It is not easy to do what they did as they have never collectively shared a stage. Yet, they made it impressive, thoroughly enjoyable and appear effortless. Mike, LauraLea, Steve Turner, Ray Ray, Cara Lynne and Richie Yusko…thank you. CJ Mills (Love Seed Mama Jump and The Philadelphia Fleadh Irish Festival) you took what was already an exceptional line up and raised it to another level with your expert fiddle playing.

A MONKEY BUS reunion! After 6 years Monkey Bus played together again. Cheeze Monkeybus, Rob Groden, Rob Walters and Anthony Memmo brought all the classics back. I felt as though I was right back at Bootleggers watching these guys jam. I spent countless hours sharing a stage with them. I have always loved every minute in their presence. They performed with and in front of their families. Priceless. They honored Richie San Fillippo and all of us by taking the stage once together. We love you guys and we love Richie.

The World Famous QUAKER CITY STRING BAND was a surprise that we knew you would all enjoy. We had support from all over the world (not an exaggeration…more on that later). Nonetheless, this was a Philadelphia event. Philly for Philly. There are few things more Philadelphian than our Mummers. You brought excitement to the MISSION and thrilled both young and old. For that, we thank you.

MISSION: POSSIBLE is fortunate to have a multitude of friends across the board who are so willing to give of themselves. We were privileged to witness an OCTANE reunion. These gentlemen have opened for Kid Rock, Judas Priest, Poison and Disturbed. They have sold out the TLA and the Electric Factory. Brian Bortnick, Quinn, Bobby Pirylis, Gregg Tripp, Michael Vlaanderen and Joe Berndt came together without hesitation on Victory Beer Hall’s stage to support the MISSION. An amazing highlight was seeing Brian Bortnick’s daughter join the band for “Gasoline.” It was great to see Joe Bass share the stage with his brothers once again. I For ONE, am grateful.

THE BROTHERS J.A. (pronounced “Jay”) are “friends making music together” and we are the beneficiaries. They played as a foursome for the first time and it was incredible. Mike Greto, Michael Crist, Chris Miller and John Mangan you guys stopped people in their tracks. Your music is inspiring and heartfelt. Please get in the studio promptly. Justis is always with us. More than ever, I know he was with you and with all of us on this special day

We all love you Greto. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

BONEHEAD. BONE…Freaking … HEAD! These talented gentlemen also joined the MISSION without any hesitation whatsoever. They went so far as to guarantee their involvement this year immediately after their set in 2018. Bonehead, Mr. Greengenes, Steamroller Picnic…these guys were bigger than life. (Mr. Greengenes alumni represented well at MP2. Let’s get Steamroller’s J.D. Malone, who is still out there crushing it, onboard next year.) Well, after 25 years Bonehead has more life in them than ever. They sounded amazing. It was exciting to see how excited your fans and other musicians (also fans) became when they learned of your involvement. People came from near and far. Thank you. Jayy Mannon, you and the boys exceeded all expectations.

JUST THE TIP killed it for the second year. Bryen OBoyle demonstrated with ease why he is such a highly regarded front man. Rob Groden pulled triple duty on lead guitar after preparing the SoR Newtown and jamming with Monkey Bus. Harry, Jason and Kevin are phenomenal musicians and we are proud to have you guys on the Team. Highlights included JTT getting right at it by starting off with “God Bless America” and Joe Tutlo joining JTT for “Africa”…awesome. We look forward to working with you guys in the future. Always consider me a friend and an admirer.

Then came the Gypsies! GYPSY WISDOM, loved by one and all. When you exude so much love and compassion for others it is returned in numerous ways. The Gypsy vibe is inspiring and contagious. With the recent addition of Mr. Mike Jansen and Lydia to the band this was another genuine family affair. Highlights included our second of two incredible performances of “Shallow” for the day (LauraLea and Keith killed it earlier), Lydia’s gentle yet commanding vocals on Seal’s “Crazy” and the fantastic cover of “With a Little Help From My Friends” (MP’s unofficial theme song). Courtney, Danny Gunz, John, Joe and Mike, you guys are going to continue to do great things.

DJ BROTHER MIKE (Mike Butler), it was an honor to work with you once again, my friend. You are a true legend. You are a reliable professional who is thoroughly entertaining and always an absolute pleasure to be around. You are the best in the game.

SUPERHEROES4HIRE. John J Crawford III, your heroes paired with all the other MISSION: POSSIBLE heroes is truly one of the great collaborations. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest fan favorites for both MISSION: POSSIBLE events. Your commitment to our cause is valued and enjoyed by young and all. I look forward to a long partnership.

93.3 WMMR, The Preston and Steve Show, Nick McIlwain and Brent Porche, we appreciate your continued support. Concert tickets, online mentions, on-air interviews, authographed swag, etc… You provided a level of support and recognition that expanded our outreach and improved our fundraising and awareness efforts.

Our friends are connected. Our network is vast and charitable. There are truly philanthropic individuals out there who want nothing more than to support a great cause. Counted among these individuals are Jimmy Masiak, Dana Canalichio, Patrick Meehan, Louis J Maginn and Steve Cassel. These individuals are among a distinct group who cashed in favors and spent their “credits” to help others.

We had the sports hook ups. Special thanks to Carl Cherkin from The Union, Dave Spadaro (Eagles Insider) and Tony Lynch, a good friend who hooked us up with Phillies tickets. The Philadelphia Flyers were all in too and provided excellent support. It was a distinct pleasure to have Brian Propp at MISSION: POSSIBLE. This hockey legend is an absolute gentleman. Thank you, Brian, for taking the time to speak with everyone, pose for pictures and sign autographs. It was an honor.

Thank you for taking care of our volunteers, Center City Philly Soft Pretzel Factory. It is not a Philly party until the soft pretzels arrive. We are grateful even though you almost killed one of our organizers. Mike Thompson: I just picked up 200 soft pretzels from Philly Soft Pretzel Factory. Duff: That’s awesome. Mike: Oh no, my windows are fogging up. Duff: Uh oh. Mike: Ahhh, my glasses are fogging up. I can’t see anything…but my truck smells soooo good! (He survived and lived to eat another pretzel. We are still not sure if all 200 pretzels made it to Victory Beer Hall).

Teddy Bear Mobile, you brought so much joy to the day. To see all of the stuffed animals rocking out MP t-shirts was a legitimate delight.

Jason Fogg (Pop’s McCann Whiskey), it is a privilege to have you on the Team. Family, friends, legacy, hard work and good times…well that is our kind of stuff too.

Sarah Fahy of Reverend Cupcakes, your cupcakes were delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by our volunteers (especially by the School of Rock). Thank you for your help.

Mike Juliano, thank you for the use of your drum set throughout the day. We appreciate the donation of the custom made JJRUMS snare drum.

Nicki Winokur Moise, Katie Bird Fernau, Marita Kelly, and Pat Duff, I appreciate your dedication and exceptional organizational skills. The raffle would not have been as successful without you. So many people donated time, money and amazing raffles:

Walt (Wolodimir Martiuk), the fundraising and volunteer coordinating efforts by you, Betty and the rest of the Pfizer team were extremely beneficial for the MISSION. We value your time and effort, my brother. Independence Blue Cross (IBC), we appreciate the effort of all the volunteers you provided. The Pfizer and IBC support was crucial to our preparation and smooth progress throughout the day.

Kate Conway, Bill Black and Jim Duff, your creative art was truly valued and enhanced our raffle. The imaginative projects were greatly sought after and much appreciated by the fortunate individuals who won your art.

MISSION: POSSIBLE benefitted from a noteworthy level of celebrity support. G. Love, Philly born and bred, has now supported the MISSION two years in a row with valuable merchandise. Jason Isaacs (The Patriot, Harry Potter, Black Hawk Down and The O.A.) we appreciate your support of MP from overseas by sending us autographed Harry Potter photos. Multi-platinum selling band Candlebox supplied a lucky raffle winner with autographed swag and a VIP experience. Riley Cote came through big with an autographed Clause Giroux stick. Thank you all.

To my Navy brothers and sisters who traveled far to be a part of the MISSION. I thank you. To be certain, some of us have circumnavigated the globe together on an aircraft carrier (what’s a few more hours in a car?). I appreciate you taking the round trip from DC/VA.

I am grateful for college friends that traveled from both near and far. MISSION: POSSIBLE is our new Homecoming. I was overjoyed to see you all. Keith Gallo, Curt Engle, Nick D. Fifis, Keith Meloni, Lori Taylor Meloni and Greg Quintiliano thank you for providing support from your outstanding businesses.

Thank you Jägermeister. The shotmeister and tap machine were a huge hit.

Thank you to all the local bars, brewers, hotels and restaurants. This truly was an all hands effort. Check out

to see all of our Supporters.

I am extremely grateful and indebted to you all for the support we received in myriad ways: spreading the word on social media, simply showing up, showing up and bringing friends and family along, building raffle baskets, cash donations, sharing your talents…thank you all.

Respectfully and Gratefully Sent,